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2022 Educational Priorities 

The Stewardship Action Foundation will raise the level of civil discourse by providing audience (consumers, waste haulers, recyclers, environmental groups, and governmental organizations) with accurate and reliable information surrounding the educational priorities set for 2022. Our efforts will include education, outreach, and encouraging participation. Information will be publicly available and proactively offered to all. The Stewardship Action Foundation will compile research, communications, and policy education to bring media and policy attention to the educational priorities set forth for 2022.

National Bottle Bill
A federal container deposit return program is being introduced in early 2022 to establish a convenient national system to reduce litter and increase the collection and recycling of beverage containers. There are 10 states with container deposit return programs now, some operating for over 30 years. This is a proven policy approach that should be expanded nationally in 2022. 75% of Americans support a container deposit return program where they live, but only 24% of Americans live in a state with a container deposit return program. 

National WIPPES Act
The Wastewater Infrastructure Pollution Prevention and Environmental Safety (WIPPES) Act bipartisan legislation that would create a national standard for the labeling of non-flushable wet wipes. Flushed wet wipes have created tremendous problems for our water infrastructure for many years and is just one facet of our growing plastic waste pollution crisis. The WIPPES Act would require manufacturers of non-flushable wet wipes to display clearly and prominently a “DO NOT FLUSH” label on their packaging and would set fines for manufacturers that do not follow the regulation.


Truth in Recycling Labeling NSAC co-sponsored California’s SB 343 in 2021, which is first in the nation legislation that will end the practice of labeling non-recyclable packages and products with a ♻ or any other symbol or statement indicating it is recyclable. This legislation set a precedent for other states and the nation to end deceptive recycling labeling practices across the U.S. Already, several states intend to introduce similar bills and New Jersey has already introduced AB 6025 modeled after SB 343. 

Single Use Vaping Sales Ban
The sale of single-use vaping products has resulted in litter, and fires in the materials management system. We will educate the public on why these products should be banned from sale in California. 

Mercury Lighting
NSAC is sponsoring legislation in CA, aligned with legislation being introduced in Vermont, to ban the sale of mercury-containing lighting. There is no reason to continue selling lighting containing a potent neurotoxin like mercury when more energy efficient options without mercury, like LEDs, are on the market at comparable prices. The EU announced they are banning the sale of mercury containing lighting in 18 months, we should too.

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