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Join us for an exclusive webinar where we dive into the forefront of recycling innovation. Discover how four pioneering organizations, Pillumina, Visia, Digimarc, and ECGO are reshaping the waste and recycling industry with their groundbreaking technologies.


Discover how Pillumina is on a mission to revolutionize pill packaging with aluminum, an environmentally friendly and infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic. Their innovative solution offers a seamless one-to-one switch from plastic to aluminum while maintaining compatibility with current filling and labeling processes.


Explore how BinIt's advanced camera and X-ray modules, driven by Visia AI, are empowering recyclers across North America. Learn how these innovative tools enable rapid reactions to contamination, hazards, and off-spec material, revolutionizing the way we manage incoming materials.


Delve into the world of digital watermarks with Digimarc, where certainty is paramount. Uncover how Digimarc's cutting-edge technology delivers unrivaled accuracy, speed, and scalability in identifying and authenticating both physical and digital assets. Witness firsthand how digital watermarks are transforming businesses by providing the certainty they demand in today's complex landscape.


Learn why ECGO excels as a pioneer in AI-powered waste management solutions, empowering institutions and consumers to divert more waste. The ECGO mobile app is paired with the ECGO Admin Portal to help institutions, such as universities, fully manage their recycling and composting programs through consumer incentives.

    Revolutionizing Recycling: Innovations for a Circular Economy

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